Bolt action rifles

Mr. Barrett and I at shot show.

Our services

We are able to increase the accuracy of your new or older rifles with new parts and properly fitting ones it has. Some things need a little polishing here and there while others need worn items to replace.

Making the classics feel new again

If you have a rifle that has been passed down through the generations or picked something up used and need it looked over to be sure it is safe to shoot, we can get it back in safe running order to enjoy again.

Missing and broken parts?

We are great at locating the hard to find parts for new or antique arms. Even in the event of the part no longer being made me may be able to fabricate one in our shop.

The all important optics

The installation of optics is not as simple as most think. Sure you can just put something on and it will work, but if you need accuracy, repeatability, and consistency as you change distances while shooting the optics must be mounted right. We bed the rail to the action and use precision alignment tools for the rings as well as the lapping of the rings for the perfect fit. 

Recoil Reduction

Threading on your barrel for a muzzle brake or compensator to allow the mounting of suppressors is one of our specialties. Blending the brake to look seamless and matching the finish. We are currently KDF brakes authorized installation center.

Action Bedding



What is it?

Bolt action 458 SOCOM


Important knowledge!

Gaps like these are very common and overlooked by most people installing optics. When not installed properly binding of the scope body occurs

Remington 700P

This one started as a Remington 700P and we shortened the barrel then threaded for the Advanced Armament muzzle brake. I then modified the factory bolt handle to be threaded to accept the large Advanced Armament tactical bolt knob. The bolt then had its lugs lapped to the action. Being a used rifle the chamber was not as tight as I and the customer would like it to be. Wanting more accuracy I set he barrel back and recut the chamber with a pull-thru finish reamer making it a match-grade chamber. Using 2 piece scope base we mounted, aligned and lapped the extra high rings to clear the forward handguard. It is mounted on an XLR Industries Tactical Carbon Chassis with a folding stock for backpacking action. Complementing this fine chassis is the Atlas Bi-pod.


CZ 452 military training rifle

CZ 452 military training rifle

CZ 452 military training rifle


The CZ 452 Special Military Training Rifle chambered in .17HMR. It received the ACRAGLAS® bedding for the entire action to greatly improve its fit into the wood chassis.

CZ 452 military training rifle

CZ 452 military training rifle


Before the rifle was modified

CZ 452 military training rifle


After the rifle was modified. 

What changed:

The forward half with recoil lug pocket

Remington 700

This is a Remington 700 chambered in 7MM Mag that is having it's stock pillar bedded and ACRAGLAS® the action. inletting for new bottom metal as well. No golf ball is safe within this guns range, I know. Me and the owner tested it at 100 yards with great success!


Nemesis Vanquish

I have even had the pleasure of correcting the undersized chamber of this beauty, The Nemesis Vanquish.


From basic to badass pig getter, The early days of Indognito. It has everything you could possibly need for making bacon!


 Even custom Titanium bolt knobs, because we can. This was all done by hand. No Digital readout on a manual lathe and mill. Even managed to set it on fire! (I lit it just for the picture. It didn't actually catch on its own.) Titanium is fun.